Benchmark Surveys can carry out detailed measurement surveys of areas to establish ownership boundaries. We can produce individual land registry plans for properties that are being subdivided. When a property is being subdivided it is always best to get an accurate plan drawn before any dispute can occur once sold to a third party. A plan showing dimensions from fixed positions and boundary descriptions is invaluable when selling off parcels of land or property.

If a dispute occurs an understanding of the limitations of land registry plans at such scales of 1:2500 or 1:1250 along with a willingness to compromise can save the client and their neighbour a lot of time, money and stress. When a survey is required we will combine this with all the available information from sources such as deed plans and the Ordnance Survey historic and most recent mapping and establish the boundary to the best of our ability. The findings will then be presented to our client and if they are in agreement with their neighbours we can return to site and mark the boundary.