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To have an understanding of the buried information across any site that is to be developed is an invaluable asset to the initial design process. Pipe and cable depths, locations and routes are very important to record from a health and safety, time, and money point of view. We have staff who have undertaken Sygma utility training in the various detection equipment available including Ground Penetration Radar. Benchmark Surveys use a Multi-Channel GPR Array System for industry leading results when looking for underground utilities and ground anomalies. 


Multi-channel GPR array


Introducing Stream DP, a multichannel ground penetrating radar array solution designed to detect underground assets with unmatched performance.


Stream DP uses Equalized Scrambled Technology (EsT) to provide unparalleled control of the GPR signal, extended depth range, and ultra-high resolution, setting a new standard in utility detection.

Stream DP accurately reconstructs the underground utility network in 3D in a single scan. Its lightweight and compact design allows for efficient deployment by a single user, and the latest software technology solutions for data collection and post-processing make data analysis faster and smarter.

This innovative technology offers an unachievable GPR performance until now, enabling successful location of buried objects without compromising between depth range and resolution.




Here we are post processing our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data obtained from our advanced Multi-Channel GPR Array system. By utilising this technology, we gain access to a wealth of information beyond what can be observed solely during site work.


With the introduction of the stream DP, we now have the capability to conduct more comprehensive investigations.


Take a look at the remarkable visuals showcasing the genuine dimensions of a foul pumping chamber concealed beneath the road surface. Our GPR data reveals the hidden depths of this crucial infrastructure. 


All of our Utility Survey Findings are sprayed on-site with coloured spray paint to represent the different utility services.
Chalk can also be used if required.

The exact locations of the services are then recorded with our survey equipment, so the client has a permanent digital record with co-ordinates of the locations of those utilities. 

We will then overlay the utility survey data onto a topographic survey if the client has also requested a topographic survey, or we can overlay the data onto a previous survey the client provides.


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