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Benchmark Surveys offers Topographic survey services across the UK. With a variety of survey equipment we will endeavour to locate all information that is required for each individual site.

A topographic survey is an essential start for any planned development of an area. All ground features will be accurately mapped in three dimensions to provide a scaled plan to the requirements of the client. A survey may vary from, for example, a large scale at 1:1250 or 1:2500 for the purposes of locating a solar panel farm to a small scale of 1:100 for a single dwelling development. With our reflector-less survey instrument we can gain with ease ridge and eave heights of buildings, structure heights, overhead cables, tree heights and inaccessible detail such as neighbouring private properties, overlooking windows and bridge structures.

All surveys can be exported in a number of formats to suit the client. Where the client has their own specific coding and layering system these will be used. All data can be shown in .DWG, .DXF, .PDF or XYZ text listing. All surveys can be exported in 2D or 3D format - Including raw scanned 3D data if client requires.

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