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Utility Services

Understanding what lies beneath the ground is essential for any construction project or asset owner. By identifying the geographic location and depth of utilities through underground utility mapping, designers and engineers can ensure their construction projects are viable and safe before any work begins.


Underground Utility Mapping:

Our underground utility mapping services are critical for:

  • Design Verification: Helping designers avoid clashes or interference with existing infrastructure.

  • Safety and Risk Reduction Allowing contractors to excavate with confidence, minimizing the risk of striking or damaging buried utilities.

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 Services Provided:

We adhere to industry-recognised specifications to locate, trace, and map subsurface utilities, including:

  •  Pipes

  •  Cables

  •  Ducts

  •  Sewers

  • -Surface water drainage


Using our underground utility mapping services offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Safety- Reduces the risk of utility strikes, which can be dangerous and costly.

  • Project Efficiency- Prevents project delays and design changes by providing accurate subsurface data.

  • Cost Savings- Minimises the potential for fines and reputational damage due to utility strikes.


Proceed with confidence:

By employing our advanced mapping techniques, contractors and designers can proceed with a higher degree of confidence, ensuring a smoother, safer, and more efficient construction process. Choose Benchmark Surveys for reliable and precise underground utility mapping to support your project’s success.

Digitally surveyed and marked out on site:

All of our Utility Survey Findings are sprayed on-site with coloured spray paint to represent the different utility services.Chalk can also be used if required.

The exact locations of the services are then recorded with our survey equipment, so the client has a permanent digital record with co-ordinates of the locations of those utilities.


We will then overlay the utility survey data onto a topographic survey if the client has also requested a topographic survey, or we can overlay the data onto a previous survey the client provides.

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Post processed GPR Data:


Post processing our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data obtained from our advanced multi-channel GPR array. By utilising this technology, we gain access to a wealth of information beyond what can be observed solely during site work.

With the introduction of the stream DP, we now have the capability to conduct more comprehensive investigations.


Take a closer look at the remarkable visuals showcasing the genuine dimensions of a foul pumping chamber concealed beneath the road surface. Our GPR data reveals the hidden depths of the crucial infrastructure. 

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