Using drones is the safer and more cost effective solution when it comes to providing accurate information on any project that involves working at height, hard to reach areas or a quick turnaround of 3D data capture.

Scroll down to see the many ways Benchmark Surveys uses drone technology to improve our services to clients.

A Drone Survey allows the capture of Imagery & 3D Data. From video roof reports to combining 3D Drone Survey data with 3D Laser Scanner data, Benchmark Surveys carries out a variety of work involving the use of Drones.

A Drone Survey can also be used in combination with traditional land surveying techniques. Our surveyors will pick up all survey detail with total stations & GPS keeping a very high surveying accuracy, and then can capture larger areas of spot levels with the drone survey. This allows a highly accurate survey but reduces time considerably on larger sites. 



Benchmark Surveys has been providing a professional and friendly service to all its clients since May 1995.

We work on all sizes of projects from the private individual house extension to large local authority developments. Benchmark Surveys has a wealth of experience in many disciplines of the surveying world and support our younger staff to gain qualifications and professional status.


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