Using drones is the safer and more cost effective solution when it comes to providing accurate information on any project that involves working at height, hard to reach areas or a quick turnaround of 3D data capture.

Scroll down to see the many ways Benchmark Surveys uses drone technology to improve our services to clients.

A Drone Survey allows the capture of Imagery & 3D Data. From video roof reports to combining 3D Drone Survey data with 3D Laser Scanner data, Benchmark Surveys carries out a variety of work involving the use of Drones.

A Drone Survey can also be used in combination with traditional land surveying techniques. Our surveyors will pick up all survey detail with total stations & GPS keeping a very high surveying accuracy, and then can capture larger areas of spot levels with the drone survey. This allows a highly accurate survey but reduces time considerably on larger sites. 



  • 3D Volumetric Measurement of Quarries & Stockpiles

    Use accurate geo-referenced DSM’s to instantly measure stockpile volumes so you can make on-the-spot decisions about your materials needs.

  • Improved Safety and Compliance

    Capture more accurate measurements in less time, Reduce the time employees and contractors spend on site.

  • More accurate than traditional surveying methods

    In some cases, this information is even more accurate because drone-generated point clouds gather millions of points compared to the hundreds gathered in a ground-based survey.

  • Whole site mapping: 


    Map entire quarries quicker for improved project management.



  • 3D Point Cloud Capture

    Highly accurate point cloud capture combining both our UAV point cloud technology with our Trimble TX6 Laser scanner for upto 2mm point precision. 

    See 3D Laser Scanning

  • Geo-located Point Clouds

    Using Ground Control Points in conjunction with our Trimble R10 GPS system enables correctly geo-referenced projects for streamlining further use of the captured Point Cloud.

  • 3D Models

    Using the drone technology you can create geo-referenced 3D models which can let you investigate areas by navigating around the scanned building, don't be restrained by the singular angles of photographs or videos.


  • Virtual design and construction: 

    Export drone-generated point clouds into 3D design software for powerful insights. Ensure site progress is in step with original design plans.

  • Improved communication: 

    Share maps and models with internal and external stakeholders for streamlined communications. Keep everyone in the office upto date and informed — even if you’re still on site.

  • 2D Aerial Site progression: 

    Allows client to see real-time surveyed progression of the site against the 2D Plans quickly and safely.


  • A unique view to promote your business:


    An aerial view is a great way to grab peoples attention, we can combine both aerial footage with normal footage to make your business stand out from the rest. 

  • Events & Special Occasions:

    View your event or special occasion from the sky, we can capture aerial footage that will add a new depth to capturing the day.

  • Full In-house editing:

    we can fully edit the collected footage with transitions, colour correction, company logo's, music and more.  

  • No need for expensive cranes, scaffolding rigs & working at height permits

    Providing detailed information with images and video for immediate assessment rather than requiring the use of expensive and time-consuming scaffolding.

  • High Quality Photgraphic Capture

    Easily provide photographic/video evidence on work that is required.

    The flight can be recorded at Ultra HD 4K (4 x HD Quality) with the ability to take 4K stills of particular areas if needed. This allows us to zoom into the photos/footage great amounts and not lose image quality.

  • Real-time live feed from UAV

    You can watch the live video feed transmitted to our Pilots receiver safely from the ground.

  • 3D Models

    Using the drone technology you can create geo-referenced 3D models which can let you investigate areas by navigating around the scanned building, don't be restrained by the singular angles of photographs or videos.



Benchmark Surveys has been providing a professional and friendly service to all its clients since May 1995.

We work on all sizes of projects from the private individual house extension to large local authority developments. Benchmark Surveys has a wealth of experience in many disciplines of the surveying world and support our younger staff to gain qualifications and professional status.


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